Personal Training

If you live within reasonable proximity of Frisco, Texas (75033 area code) and are interested in personal training sessions at the LeanLetic home studio please let us know via our Contact form. The studio is fully equipped with (pictured below): barbells (up to 90 lbs each), dumbbells, free weights, cable station, power rack with multiple variable positions for pull-ups and dips, adjustable bench, gymnastics rings, landmine station, resistance bands, exercise balls, medicine balls, as well as (not pictured): battle rope, plyometric boxes, elliptical machine, and heavy bag/focus mitts. We can accommodate up to 2 people training at once.

Virtual Remote Training

If you are interested in virtual remote training please let us know in our Contact form to schedule an initial 30-minute virtual consultation, complementary of course. We will work with you to craft the most optimum and efficient training program possible based on your individual goals in addition to your current schedule, access to training facilities and equipment (or not), and a host of other relevant factors that are unique to your situation.