Rick Albert, Founder

Master’s Candidate – Kinesiology and Sport Science

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

LeanLetic was created to help men and women achieve hyper-functional physiques through periodized training that incorporates the most current, scientifically-supported principles of various athletic training modalities. We achieve our ideal physical form through an emphasis on efficient, optimized athletic training variation versus obsessively targeting aesthetic form over function as most training programs do.

Functional strength is simply a watered-down way of saying athletic strength. Athletes, especially pro athletes, have to possess the most functional strength capabilities that they possibly can as their careers depend upon it. Not only do they need to be concerned about optimizing their performance in the short-term, they also need to prioritize a wide range of other performance variables to minimize their injury risk for the duration of their careers. Strength and power are critical metrics that govern athletic output, but equally important are other metrics like agility, mobility, and flexibility. The LeanLetic philosophy incorporates all of these metrics with equal weight, never sacrificing one at the expense of another. Done repeatedly this type of limited training can, and will, lead to muscular and physiological imbalances, prime scenarios for injuries to occur.

LeanLetic training is the most efficient, effective, and safest approach to achieving a lean, muscular physique that functions every bit as good as it looks. We incorporate the most current scientific research with the most tried and tested “old school” training principles to craft the most well-rounded training programs our clients have typically ever experienced. The LeanLetic Efficiency Training Approach delivers maximum results in the most minimal time possible by closely monitoring and controlling the tempo and duration of the entire workout session from start-to-finish.

There are plenty of programs out there that promise to get you “jacked”, “shredded”, “massive”, or a slew of other hyperbolic adjectives. We make no such promises – we think you’re smart enough to see through the short-term opportunistic nature of these dime-a-dozen programs. Our promise is to work with you to progressively improve your athletic capabilities – strength, power, mobility, agility, flexibility – from a holistic perspective in order to maximize your functionality today, tomorrow, and for years to come. We also promise to do it in the most time-efficient manner possible. As much as we love to train, we train to live, not the other way around. Through the intense focus on functionality we’re confident a much-improved physique will emerge for you. We hope the LeanLetic way will be the next (and final) step you take toward achieving a much higher quality of physical fitness in your everyday life. Please reach out to us via the Contact form to see how we can help the best you emerge!